• Azerbaijan
  • Caspian
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • Sakhalin

Halliburton Eurasia comprises Russia, Ukraine, Caspian West and Caspian East. This large area presents challenges that are quite diverse, including shallow water, environmentally sensitive North Caspian with deep, high pressure, H2S/CO2 oil wells; mature oil fields in Kazakhstan and Siberia; high flowrate gas fields in Northern Siberia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan; and extreme weather conditions in the large part of the Eurasia region.

While this region represents a tremendous variety of technical, logistical, and supply chain challenges, Halliburton's organization in this region, coupled with a strong national workforce, is well established to provide creative and innovative solutions. The potential of the resources and the diversity of the plays demand a great variety of new technologies.

Halliburton recruits on-campus and remotely at several Universities across the Eurasia. Check with your University to find out if Halliburton will be visiting your campus this semester. We also post events to our social media pages, Follow Us!


Halliburton student interns contribute to the overall success of the company by bringing their motivation, fresh ideas and expertise to their respective roles. In turn, interns gain hands-on experience and develop skills in their chosen fields with a global company and industry leader. The interns were given the opportunity to take training courses and work closely with supervisors to get real field experience in locations across Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. They concluded the program by preparing presentations based on their experience and the knowledge they learned.

Eligibility: Internships are offered to recent graduates or students within the region where they are authorized to work, who are willing to learn and show potential in their chosen field based on the results of passing through all the stages of the selection process.

Duration: Internships generally begin during the summer months of May through June and can last from one to three months. We also offer internships that begin in winter and last for several months to students completing their studies beforehand. Successful internships provide an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and could open the door to a full-time job offer at Halliburton.

Qualifications: Students should have educational backgrounds in or related to the chosen product service line or support function (HR, IT, etc.), competency in both English and Russian languages, and if required by local laws a complete medical check-up.

Compensation: Internship salaries depend upon educational background, the specific roles available and local polices.

How to apply: Students are encouraged to check their universities’ careers websites for available internships, as well as to apply online at Halliburton Careers or for any positions of interest.