Science, Technology and Engineering

Halliburton offers the industry’s most advanced technologies in almost every aspect of the upstream oil business. Our products and services have received numerous technical awards, providing industry recognition of the exceptional performance that ensures our success with existing customers and our continued growth.

Over the last five years, we have increased our investment in research and development from $325 million to $601 million and our patent filing rate has more than quadrupled in this timeframe. Halliburton has 3,795 active U.S. patents, of which 451 were issued in 2014.

Halliburton collaborates with over 30 universities around the world on research and student development. Last year, software donations valued at $2.6 billion were made to schools and universities around the world by our Landmark product service line.


In labs and technology centers from the U.S. to India, Halliburton chemists work on diverse teams made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry. These teams deliver the technologies and products to help our customers cope with the challenging conditions of today's energy industry.

Whether you're developing a drilling fluid to be pumped into a wellbore, a cementing formulation to ensure wellbore stability or an innovative solution to boost production and tap resources, your chemistry background can help both Halliburton and our customers succeed. Your duties will vary according to the product segment you support, but you may have the opportunity to:

  • Work the entire research and development continuum from the basic research phase all the way to commercialization and product support
  • Plan, schedule and conduct work requiring judgment in the independent evaluation, selection and adaptation of chemical techniques, procedures and chemical systems
  • Apply theories, principles and practices to research and develop new products or to improve existing products
  • Devise new chemical approaches to problems encountered, and apply chemical knowledge and skills to develop specific solutions

We're looking for thinkers, innovators and leaders who are equipped to develop fresh, innovative solutions for the complex challenges related to accessing oil and gas resources. You should have a bachelor's or post-graduate degree in any of the following areas of chemistry: surface chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer science, kinetics or nanosciences.

Geology & Geosciences

As new oil and gas reserves become more difficult to find and develop, Halliburton's geologists and geoscientists are tasked with helping operators to better assess the characteristics of their oil and gas reserves, and to optimize recovery and enable important planning decisions.

Entering this field, you’ll work in the industry from onshore to offshore, subsurface to facility, using your knowledge, along with Halliburton's latest reservoir characterization technologies, to:

  • Gather and evaluate complex geological data to facilitate real-time decision making. Much of your work will be performed in Halliburton's industry-leading real-time centers located at our own facilities and those of our clients.
  • Assist operators in visualizing, understanding and optimizing the value of their assets from planning to exploration and production.
  • Consult with clients on the appropriate Halliburton tools and applications to maximize value throughout the life cycle of the well and the reservoir.

We're looking for detail-oriented problem solvers who are able to communicate critical project success factors to Halliburton's management and customers. You should have a bachelor or master-level degree in geology, geosciences or petroleum engineering.

Research & Development

Recognized as innovators in the industry, Halliburton's Research and Development scientists and engineers are responsible for designing the thousands of patented tools and technologies applied in field locations each day in locations all over the world.

As part of Halliburton's Research and Development group, you'll invent and author patented technologies that enable our customers to maximize new and existing oil and gas assets. Leading your own smaller projects or working on a larger project team, you'll develop Halliburton's intellectual property assets and invent and author the patents that underpin the processes and products that generate revenue and market leadership for Halliburton. Just a few of your daily responsibilities might include:

  • Designing new equipment and processes
  • Supporting design changes to existing technologies
  • Observing technologies in the field to ensure correct implementation
  • Designing lab experiments and analyzing data.

We're looking for self-starters with leadership capabilities, innovative ideas and the ability to effectively express ideas to team members, project stakeholders and management. You should hold a bachelor's or post-graduate degree in any of the engineering and science, geology/geosciences or chemistry disciplines.