This large area presents challenges that are quite diverse, including shallow water, environmentally sensitive North Caspian with deep, high pressure, H2S/CO2 oil wells; mature oil fields in Kazakhstan and Siberia; high flowrate gas fields in Northern Siberia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan; and extreme weather conditions in the large part of the Eurasia region.

  • Azerbaijan
  • Caspian
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia

While this region represents a tremendous variety of technical, logistical, and supply chain challenges, Halliburton's organization in this region, coupled with a strong national workforce, is well established to provide creative and innovative solutions. The potential of the resources and the diversity of the plays demand a great variety of new technologies.

Having the right people to develop the right technologies and bring innovative solutions to the industry is valued by Halliburton as an unmatched competitive advantage. Explore opportunities in Eurasia and join one of the largest service providers to the upstream oil and gas industry, today!

Current Job Openings

Title Location Date Sort descending
Russian Federation Nizhnevartovsk: Technical Professional - Data Processor
Nizhnevartovsk, KHM, RU, 628624 Mar 3, 2017 0.00 mi LA01-ESG Tech Prof, Data Processor (54711741) Regular employee KHM Nizhnevartovsk-Russian-Federation-Nizhnevartovsk-Technical-Professional-Data-Processor-KHM-628624
Nizhnevartovsk, KHM, RU, 628624 Mar 3, 2017